By Kerrie Nygard

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I have gained and lost well over 200 lbs as I have gone through growing and giving birth to 6 babies…each time trying to get down to “pre-baby weight.” I have come to learn that there is a time when you should NOT try to lose weight and there is a time when you can if you want to. Here it is….. (sidenote: I have learned this lesson the hard way).


You should NOT try to lose weight if…

  • when you get on the scale you think, “I am not where I am supposed to be.”
  • you are trying to be a certain number that you were in your younger years. Just because you once weighed a certain amount doesn’t mean you should weigh that amount now. 
  • you feel like you are in a battle with or in opposition to your body.
  • you think you will be a better person or version of yourself if you have less stored fat on your body. 
  • you seek a diet as the key to solving your “problem.”

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In essence you should not try to lose weight if you are doing it because you are trying to add value to yourself as an individual by doing so. This inherently implies that you believe that you are not enough of a person now to be fully loved and accepted in the present moment.

It also implies that someone has the ability to add value or become more acceptable or more loveable if they lost stored energy in their body. Human value has no bearing on the amount of stored energy someone possesses in their body, none, zero, zip, zilch. 

The true weight loss cure is finding love and acceptance of your present self. That love will motivate you in any direction you want to go.

Never seek weight loss from a feeling of lack. Any feelings of not being enough because you are X weight or X size or because of a picture that you didn’t like of yourself are all BAD reasons to try to lose weight. 

When the motivation to lose originates from a sense of lack, then even if loss is achieved it only creates evidence to believe the false idea that value can be earned or lost. 

If any of the above applies to you, DO NOT TRY TO LOSE WEIGHT!


You SHOULD try to lose weight if…

  • you simply want to experience your body in a different way.
  • you desire to tap into your body’s natural ability to tell you what it likes and doesn’t like.
  • you love and accept yourself. Therefore, you feel motivated to learn ways and develop habits that feel more supportive to your body and mind.
  • you desire to learn to create habits that sustain different levels of health for your body.
  • you believe it already is worthy of anything motivated by love. And that love is encouraging you to seek different habits and ideas of how to best care for your body.

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**Number one, you never should try to lose weight if you don’t want to do it.

A desire to lose weight should only be acted upon if it comes from a place of love. That love then motivates you to move forward to actions that allow the individual to feel more fully of that love. 

In this scenario the release of stored energy, or weight loss becomes strong evidence for yourself that you are worthy, acceptable and loveable no matter what your body looks like or feels like. 

The true weight loss cure is finding love and acceptance of your present self. That love will motivate you in any direction you want to go.


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