By Megan Hughes

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I’ve thought a lot about friendship throughout my life. Being a constant, kind, and thoughtful friend is something that is important to me. I feel my happiest when I am taking time to thoughtfully serve others and help them feel seen, loved, and valuable. I am not always great at consistently reaching out and embracing others in a way that I’d like to be. But, when I can overcome my struggles with anxiety and depression and I have the strength to reach out to help add brightness to someone else’s day, my soul is filled with pure joy.

As valuable as friendship is to me, my personal insecurities often let me believe that my friendship is not a desirable thing to others. My anxiety tries-and often succeeds- in convincing me that my text or message was more annoying than welcomed. My inner voice would have me believe all sorts of unkind things about myself. She devalues my worth and importance to others, my inner voice is often rather an unkind friend to me. I think that is true for many of us.

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As women, we are often unduly critical and harsh with ourselves. We devalue our worth and the incalculable positive impact we have on the world around us. We tend to error on the side of incorrectly assuming that we have little to no value or influence to add to our community. With these self stunting thoughts, we are prone to cocoon inward and rarely venture out of our comfort zones to embrace new friends or reconnect with old friends.

I think of the countless women I have had the privilege to cross paths with throughout my life. I am humbled to know so many of you. The impact you have on the world around you is immense!

I hope that if you struggle with seeing your value in the world, you remember that you are someone worth loving!

On those days when you feel buried by self-doubt and worthlessness, I challenge you to find one small thing you can do to brighten someone’s day. A text, a message, a delectable bar of dark chocolate & sea salt paired with a kind note slipped onto a front porch…anything! I promise you, as you look for ways to bring light to someone else’s life, light will flood into yours.


This is a very difficult time of social distancing we are living right now. Life can feel bleak and isolating. Depression, anxiety, and suicides are at a high. We need each other now more than ever, we need good friends. Please reach out, even to those who seem like they’re doing great. Check in and let others know they are seen, valued, and loved. You may never know how much the person you connect with needed you in that moment.

Let’s help one another weather the storms of life, together.

*If you are struggling and need a friend to chat with, message me any time! I would be honored to gain a new friend in you.


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