By Brynne Wise

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“I love being your mom.”

Those 5 words came to my mind randomly one day, I said them out loud to my son in that moment, and he immediately responded with, “I love being your son.” Insert heart MELTING.

Ever since then? I try to tell my kiddos often, if not daily, “I love being your mom. I am so grateful I’m your mom. I’m so grateful Heavenly Father let me be your mom. I’m so grateful you’re my Alyla (my daughter’s name). Etc.” It always freezes the moment, gets me an extra hug, and the feeling of love that I have for my children grows immensely in each of these small moments.

Quoting the fabulous Emily Ley:

“Our words have power. We can build up or tear down. With children, we have such opportunity to plant seeds of confidence and love by tenderly sharing genuine sentiments daily. I love discovering affirmations beyond the standard, ‘I love you.’ The collection below includes words shared with me by my own mom, those that I’ve gathered to share with my kids, and a few I’ve overheard friends say to their little ones. What a blessing it is to be adored.

• I love being your mom
• I appreciate the big kid you’re becoming.
• That thing you did today was brave.
• You’ve made me think of things in a new way.
• The jobs you do around our house help our family.
• I love your happy heart today!
• Being your mom is my greatest adventure.
• I love spending time with you, just you.
• I really like hearing about your day.
• I’m so grateful God gave you to me.
• You are beautiful even when you’re unhappy.”

Emily Ley

When we choose to use our words to build up our children, the spirit in our home changes. It truly becomes a thing of beauty.

Let’s strive to be a little kinder with our words today. And continue to do so everyday.

“Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved.” – Thomas S. Monson

And as always momma, give yourself GRACE.


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