By Becky Kemp

I am excited to join the STRONG MOMS in this group and share a simple message that has changed my life! I want to invite you to try it out in your life and see what happens with your story. I believe that words matter…that the words we choose and “put on” each day matter. The words we read, write, see, think, say, and even wear can make a difference in our story and have the power to awaken our potential within.

strong meaning

As I thought about what I might share on my first post…I just kept thinking of the group name: STRONG MOMS. The word STRONG is such a perfect word to describe you and me! As MOMS, we are all individuals with hopes, dreams, successes, challenges, uncertainties, hardships, etc. Our stories are different and that is great–we wouldn’t want our stories to be the same! We join together because we have something in common: we are STRONG MOMS (or at least we are working to become that)!

A few other synonyms for strong are: able, active, capable, durable, energetic, forceful, stable, steady, tenacious & tough.

I don’t know all of you personally but I do know that you have these power words in your story because as moms we are strong! Look at the current situation that every single one of us is living in right now in America and throughout the world. We wake up each morning living in a time that we never anticipated or expected.

For most of us, our schedules and lives have turned completely on their heads. But as women—and MOMS—we are STRONG.

So tonight, give yourself a hug as you go to bed and recognize that you CAN and WILL continue to show up and do your best. You were STRONG today. You will be STRONG tomorrow.

I have learned that putting positive and powerful words in my story each day allows me to become the best version of myself. This simple tool helps me daily when the anxiety of life or stresses of the unknown mount.

We don’t have to wait for a pandemic to begin to use the power of words. In each and every situation of life, we can look for the words that matter and focus on those. When you start feeling lost or unsure, take a deep breath and say to yourself “I am strong!” Repeat these words often throughout the day and over time, you will begin to see evidence of your strength in your life and you will realize these words are true.

The twists and turns in life’s journey bring opportunities for learning, growth, and the possibility to become a different version of ourselves. As we implement the power of words in our lives, we find that we are becoming stronger…becoming happier…becoming better…I can’t wait to continue sharing the power of words with you and giving simple tips that will help each of us on our adventure of becoming!

XO- Becky Lundgreen Kemp


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