By Monta Cooper


I love this picture. It doesn’t have great lighting and they’re not looking at the camera. Mike’s mouth is awkwardly halfway open because he’s reading a book. It’s definitely not “Insta-ready”. But I love it because it’s natural. It’s a daily occurrence. It’s my husband just spending time reading to our 3-year old.

Over the last year I have taken many pictures similar to this one…some are of Mike shooting off rockets for the boys, or presenting a birthday cake he decorated for Sam, or carrying Jakey when he’s tired. Others are of him harvesting a garden we worked really hard on and teaching the boys what to do. In one he’s watching the boys closely so they don’t get hurt in the water. 

In the mundane day-to-day of life sometimes I forget how truly blessed I am. I know not everyone has a partner in life like mine. Someone to rely on, someone to protect, someone who’s always there in good times and bad. Someone who laughs at my stupid jokes and wrestles with the boys. Someone who provides and teaches and hugs and worries. I’m so grateful to my husband for the example he is to me of consistent daily love and service.

On this Father’s Day weekend may we stop and celebrate the dads in our lives. The good men who are there, every day, building up their families….protecting, teaching, loving, supporting, etc. We need and want them in our lives!

Here’s what other Strong Moms had to say about what they appreciate about the dads in their lives:

“My dad helps me whenever I ask. One time a few years ago, Brett was working nights and I called him at like 1 in the morning because my smoke alarm was acting up. And he came over.” *Paige

I most appreciate Godly men. Men who are full of faith and goodness…who believe, and live what they believe. Who are present fathers and husbands. Who lead, teach and love their family in truth and goodness. *Monique

I appreciate kindness in men. Nothing is more endearing than a young man helping an older person. When I see boys who give small but heartfelt service to their grandparents my heart leaps with joy. These young men learn those things from other men’s examples. My uncles and father are such good examples of respecting grandparents. *Alisha

When they are tender hearted and sensitive to me and the kids. That’s a special trait! *Kelsey

When [dads] love their wives and the kids can tell. *Barbara

I appreciate everything my dad taught me about relationships. I feel that he truly prepared me for my marriage. I also appreciate his example about service. He has always been the kind of person that will stop in the middle of the road to help a complete stranger with their car. He would take us as kids to give fruits to our neighbors. Our house was always open for kids and teenagers going through tough situations and didn’t feel safe in their homes or simply the parent at their homes because of an unplanned pregnancy or other situations. I have multiple unofficially adopted siblings. Basically, if anybody needed help and my parents could help they always would. I also felt and feel that I can always count on him no matter what. *Wanda

I appreciate fathers who are committed to God and to their families. Love gets them started, but it is ultimately commitment that keeps them trying hard day after day. *Marlenne

I appreciated the interest my late father had; good or bad. It was hard on both sides of him being a parent; trying to take care of his children; and I, trying to grow up and understand his love for me and my siblings. *Janet

I appreciate my husband’s willingness to be a better and a more gentle father in his own way. I loved my father’s dedication to God and serving others. *Kate

Happy Father’s Day!!!

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