By Kerrie Nygard

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The other day I was out planting my veggie garden. It went in late this year. While planting I had an epiphany that I’d like to share with you.  Stick with me….

The broccoli seed does not want to be planted and grow to become a cornstalk, it desires to become a head of broccoli. 


The corn seed does not want to be planted and grow to become a head of broccoli, it desires to become a cornstalk and produce fruit in the form of ears of corn. 

The raspberry bushes do not try to produce strawberries, they try to produce what is within them to produce, raspberries. 

This is a maxim for life or a common law of nature. Each living thing desires to become what it has the potential to become. 

AND so it goes for humans. Our desires, our true desires, tell us what kind of seed we are, what we have the potential to become, IF we are willing. 

Did you make the connection?…

Your true desires are evidence of who you really are.


The evidence found in your desires are what God or the universe would bring to you if you are willing to embrace it, align with it and seek it out, otherwise you would not truly desire it.

Do you have desires to have an impact on others in a certain way? 

Do you have desires to develop a certain talent? 

Do you have desires to create a certain thing?

Do you have desires to feel a certain way? 

Great, now choose to believe that these desires are meant for you if you are willing to align with them.

How do you align with your desires?…

  1. Make the choice to accept your desire as an inevitability.
  2. Move towards it with quality actions and expect to obtain it.
  3. Manage your thoughts along the way to continue to be aligned. 

– – – – Rinse & Repeat- – – – – 

“God is not in a hurry. You are. This is why you are tired, stressed, and anxious. Today I pray that you surrender your timeline in favor of His peace. Trust that what is meant to be yours, will be yours.” 


You don’t have to worry or hurry to get there, although discomfort is often necessary to move in a new direction. You only have to do the three steps above over and over. 

What desires are you hiding from? Is it time to let them be known?


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  • Oléa

    So great! This garden analogy keeps coming up for me in different formats. Apparently there is something there I need to pay attention to. I am a personal witness to gaining peace by embracing divine desires. It has also been interesting to see that as I’ve earnestly tried to pursur them, God has sometimes adjusted the route and methods from what I initially thought they would be. But like you say I just keep adjusting, rinsing and repeating. 😁

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