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In preparation for Mother’s Day this year we polled our Strong Moms and found out the Top 3 Most Wanted Mother’s Day Gifts of 2021. You might be surprised to note that jewelry, flowers & chocolate were so low on the list that we won’t even bother mentioning them! And to all you well-meaning men out there please also note that the top 3 don’t necessarily cost any money!!! (Do I hear dads everywhere cheering?)

We asked our moms “what gift would you be most genuinely excited to receive on Mother’s Day?” And starting with #3, here’s what they had to say:

Mother's Day gifts

#3: ALONE TIME – Most moms will not want to tell you this, but for Mother’s Day what they really want….what they really, really want…is for you to take the kids and get lost! Not forever, just for a few hours, maybe even a whole day! This may sound harsh, but let’s face it…it’s been a long year since the last Mother’s Day. Many of our hard-working moms have not been alone for over a year! Let that sink in. 

Give your beautiful mom a break, a REAL break. Take the kids to the park or on a hike or to a movie theater (remember those?) Let mom stay home and actually rest from being needed for a few hours. She will be SO grateful! And even better, she’ll feel appreciated, renewed, and recharged.

#2: A NICE MEAL – This could mean involving Doordash, venturing out to socially-distance at a restaurant, OR make the meal yourself! Any of these options will fit the bill. Cater to the food you know she likes best and you’re golden, but don’t – I repeat – DO NOT – ask her where she wants to go or what she wants to eat! If ever there was a year to surprise her this would be the one! 

The overwhelming response we got was that these momma’s DO NOT want to make another decision! Ever heard of “decision fatigue?” You know what she likes! Make it! Or order it! Give her a break from making choices. She deserves it!


#1: A CLEAN HOME – After more than a year of kids being home more and spouse’s being home more this can come as no surprise! More people at home 24/7 means more dishes for every meal, toilets that need cleaned more often, and general wear and tear on floors! So for moms that means double, triple, or quadruple the amount of cleaning just to keep up with her normal standard of cleanliness! 

Mother's Day gifts

Let your mom binge-watch her favorite show while you and the crew make the house spotless! This will only cost you some elbow grease and she will be overjoyed, I promise you!

And if all else fails? If dad is busy and tired too? Let flowers do the talking….You can never go wrong with flowers. OR A STRONG MOM T-SHIRT! (Shameless plug!)

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