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Hi everyone! Are there any homeschoolers out there who have younger children? Do you ever wonder what to do with them while you work with your older children? My older children right now need my help for their math, and there are times everyone has something to do except my 1-year old. He wanders around trying to get everyone’s attention, and you can imagine how that goes! What I started doing recently is setting up toddler learning stations.

Check out toddler busy activities on Pinterest, there are a TON! Decide what to try first and just see how it goes. Some activities are simple and use items you probably already have on hand. Others might take more prep time or some new supplies.

As a side note, speaking of supplies for toddlers, I’m in love with these new crayons! They’re a great size for little hands and they’re non-toxic for real. Most crayons that claim to be non-toxic are actually made from wax that’s made out of petroleum. So these Honeysticks are a much better choice for littles who might just end up with them in their mouth!

Your little one just wants to be included, so include them!

Just make sure if you need them to play on their own while you work with older children, the activities are ones you can leave them to do with little supervision.

Have a look at our most recent station. I taped a few items to the wall for him to drop pom-poms through, put out magnetic toys to play with on our baseboard heater, and filled a muffin tin with random objects to sort and play with. The books act as a ramp so the pom-poms don’t end up inside the heater. He loved it!

What are some of your ideas or activities that have worked well for you? Share in the comments below!

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