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When was the last time you sent your significant other a love note? Chances are, if you are like most people in a long-term relationship, it’s been a while. Love notes and messages of support are powerful reminders that you care. I’ll bet even the thought of receiving a tiny love note in the middle of the day brings a smile to your face.

Letting your significant other know that you are thinking of them instantly improves the feeling that the two of you are a team and are there to support each other. A love note is an important concrete reminder of what it means to be committed to each other. 

Try this:

Right now, literally this minute, pick up your phone and send a one-sentence text to your significant other or someone you love saying that you love them and are thinking of them. It’s that easy. If you want to be more adventurous, write down the same message on a sticky note and hide it where they’ll find it. I guarantee it will make them smile.

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Life as a mom can get hectic. There are times when I get overwhelmed at how much is going on and don’t handle the stress well. My hubby is awesome at sending these little notes when he knows I’m stressed to tell me he’s thinking of me. Every time he does, I can’t tell you just how much I appreciate it. At that moment, I feel loved and supported. I know that he loves and appreciates notes from me as well and I’ve caught him saving my sticky notes to look at again and again.

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