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There is nothing as stress-relieving as laughter, and the right joke at the right time can make all the difference in the world. Did you know that it takes higher brain functions to be able to make or understand a joke? It involves being able to tell when a story or a situation has elements that don’t fit and recognizing that the new elements create something interesting when put together. Being able to find humor in these new elements can translate to finding humor when things don’t go as planned in real life.

tell a joke

Try this: Take a few minutes to learn a new joke and then share it with your family. This works great during meals and can often turn into a joke fest where everyone tries to one-up each other. It works as a great conversation starter. Even better, keep a few jokes handy. When someone is having a hard time, share one with them and see if you can’t get them to laugh for a minute before diving into the problem. Often this little laugh break can help shift a bad attitude into one that’s more willing to listen and learn.

Storytime: My family often struggles with having conversations at family mealtimes. After a long day of school and work, we tend to retreat into ourselves and don’t feel like talking much. On days like this, hubby dearest will break out into his arsenal of dad jokes and sometimes even hunt down new ones to test out. Before long, the kids are laughing and rolling their eyes and trying to come up with their own awful dad jokes.

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