By Jodi Milner

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Finish what you start.

It takes guts to try something new. Often, there are lots of things to learn both about the thing you want to accomplish as well as yourself. While these lessons are often fascinating and engaging, sometimes they can be daunting and frustrating – especially if what you are trying is difficult.

You might find that running a 5k means learning how to manage your mornings better, learning about what running program works best for you, and learning your body’s unique needs when it comes to building strength and flexibility.

Try this: No matter what you set out to do, plan on finishing regardless of the challenges. Not only does this give an important sense of accomplishment, but it also trains you to work toward success and not give up when things get hard. Also, it will teach you if the goal was worth the hard work.

finish what you start

Storytime: Writing a book is a hard goal. It means hours of sitting and working, critical readers telling you what you are getting wrong, and uncertainty. I had a goal to write a book, but didn’t give myself permission to start working on it for years because I knew the real challenges would begin only once I started actually writing. And, I was right. I had no idea how to do many of the things that I would need to master before I could feel the book was ready. Had I given up, I wouldn’t have learned those things or experienced the satisfaction of finishing a lifelong goal. Yes, it was totally worth it. I know you can finish what you start!

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