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Have you ever found yourself saying “this is not the plan” to yourself–or to others? I know I have many times.  That thought is one that causes me to suffer.  The reason why is that when things don’t go how I expect, I can build resentments that hold me back. The truth of it is that life will never go exactly as you expected. We can plan but then we truly get the opportunity to show up to life and live life on life’s terms.  

A Negative (Suffering) State vs. A Positive (Beautiful) State

Life happens and we all have experienced things not going how we desired.  This is something we all experience as human beings.  When we come to put on the power word of acceptance—we can get out of a Negative (Suffering) state and back into a Positive (Beautiful) state much quicker.  

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How do we create our most beautiful life when things don’t go as planned?  I believe we can create the life we desire and it starts with the thoughts and words we put on each day. In a recent episode on The Word Effect Podcast, “This Is not the Plan”- Episode 41– I discuss this more but want to share a few tips with you here. You and I have the power to redirect our minds from negative to positive. There are 2 states of mind—the Positive (Beautiful) and the Negative (Suffering) and we can only be in one of these states at a time.  We have the power to live with more intention in the right state of mind with the words we put on. You can only create from a place of power when you are in a Positive (Beautiful) state.

When we are in a Negative (Suffering state) it can be described as fight or flight, panic reaction, mind fog, anxiety or survival state and this state often has us feeling stressed, overwhelmed, burnout, disappointment, boredom, worry, anger, jealousy, impatient, sadness, etc.

When things don’t go as we desired at first—we can begin to think we are doing something wrong. Let me assure you that we all feel negative at times and this doesn’t mean we are doing something wrong—we are just human. The brain wants to protect us and keep us safe—so when we feel the Negative state—it is time to just discover that these feelings are just feelings and they won’t hurt you. Feelings are just vibrations in the body.

The Gateway Back to a Positive State

So a feeling I love to redirect my brain to is the feeling of curiosity, and when I feel curious it is the gateway to getting back into the Positive (Beautiful) state—where I have the power to create again. There is just one word change that helps me change my thinking—Need Vs. Choose. For example, I am working on finishing my first book, The Word Effect, How to Create Your Most Beautiful Life. When I think a thought like, “I NEED to finish writing the last two chapters” that thought causes me to feel overwhelmed. I begin to focus on the lack of what I have done instead of the progress of getting 7 chapters done already!

When my thoughts cause me to feel overwhelmed, I take actions from that place and one of the actions is not scheduling time to work on the last two chapters. Instead I buffer with doing other things that fill my time but don’t get me the results I desire. It isn’t the writing of the chapters that makes me feel overwhelmed. It is the thought, I need to finish writing the last two chapters that makes me feel overwhelmed.

So when I decide to redirect my mind to a Positive state I can change one word—from need to choose—and that simple change can help me create a different result. When I think “I CHOOSE to finish the last two chapters of my book” I feel committed. This feeling actually helps me direct my actions towards those that are giving me the ability to move forward and schedule on my calendar time to write each week. I remember why I am writing the book—that it is not about me. It is something that I have discovered and I desire to share it with others.

So when I decide to redirect my mind to a Positive state I can change one word—from need to choose—and that simple change can help me create a different result.

This simple one word change makes all the difference in the world.

When I redirect my mind to a Positive (Beautiful) State: I have access to better resources, I connect with God or my Higher Power on the desire on my heart, I have higher thinking and better perspective. This helps me feel feelings of hope, joy, gratitude, appreciation, contentment, calm, commitment, compassion, peace, courage, confidence, and curiosity. All of these feelings are able to help me create the desire of my heart—to finish and put into the world the book I am working on.

Your Turn

Now your turn—take something you think you need to do and see how it makes you feel. Change one word and see how you feel when you choose to come—how do you feel? Different? Notice the power in one word! You have the power to choose the thoughts you put on to create the results you desire. I don’t feel all these feelings at once but I have the ability to feel differently by the way I think. It starts with the words I choose to put on. So when you hear yourself say, “this is not the plan.” Drop back into feeling curious about it and discover how you can redirect your mind from a Negative (Suffering) state back to a Positive (Beautiful) state even when things haven’t gone the way you desired at first.

Discover the power in the two words–choose vs. need.  If you are ready to create your most beautiful life—go to to schedule a free 30 session with me and I will continue to show you how to ditch willpower and put on word power to create the life you have always desired.


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