By Becky Kemp

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What words did you put on today?  Have you ever thought, “This is not the gift I wanted?” 

I recently started The Word Effect Podcast—It is a podcast that gives you permission to ditch will power and discover how to put on word power.  The negative bias—or negative cycle of life is to focus on what is not going well, and our brain likes to continue to focus there—and it becomes bigger and bigger over time.  Oftentimes, the circumstances of life happen or unfold and we find ourselves thinking this is not what I hoped or wanted to happen.  The circumstances in life are the gifts I am talking about.   

As a life and confidence coach, I will show you how you have the power to create the life you have always wanted—and it all starts with the words you choose to put on.  We can’t change the circumstances around us but we do have the power within us to change our thoughts on the circumstances of life.  As we do, we will drop into acceptance and even joy in all areas of our life.  The Word Effect is to stop living in the negative cycle effect and discover you can put on words or put on thoughts that help you get the results or positive effect you are secretly desiring. I like to ask myself this question—what words do I need today?   Many days I put on words that offer thoughts of acceptance.  Such as, “I accept myself unconditionally, right now.”

Over the weekend I made some time to hang all the Christmas cards I have received this year.  As I looked at each picture and each card I noticed something—in the card or picture all seems okay.  The cards seemed like the ones I have received in years past.

But then I was reminded that 2020 has been anything but normal–but let’s be honest…what is normal?   I think NORMAL is learning to live life on life’s terms.  As a life coach I help people see that they cannot change their circumstances—we have no control over those things, but we do have control over the thoughts we choose to put on. 

The thoughts we think regarding our circumstances are what determine how we feel. 

How we feel is what determines how we act–and the actions we take, or not take, and this is what drives our results…it all starts with our thoughts.   This is the key! 

I was always trying to change the gifts I was given (the circumstances)—and have come to find out I can’t change the gifts—but I can choose what I want to think or the words I choose to put on regarding those gifts.

not the gift I wanted

Check out the latest episode on The Word Effect Podcast, Episode 8 where I share a few more gifts I received in 2020 that I definitely didn’t think I wanted.   Over time and putting the power of words to work for me, I have come to see that each gift has been exactly what I needed, I just didn’t know it then.  
I also have a Free gift for you.  Go to my website, and subscribe to be on my email list.  I will send you a FREE downloadable printable, “Gratitude helps you fall in love with the life you already have”  You will have access to print this off in three different sizes and hang it in your house or in a place you will see it to remind you that you have all the gifts you need right now.  You can also use it for gifts to give to those you love…just an idea as Christmas is right around the corner.

Remember, Words Matter.  Create the life you want with the power of words.
Xo, Becky

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