By Kerrie Nygard

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Think of it….your worst thing. The thing that keeps you swimming in shame and guilt. The thing that brings on the self loathing. The thing you go to bed at night wishing wasn’t a part of you. 

Do you have it? Are you thinking of it?

Perhaps it is yelling and losing your cool.

Perhaps it is how you feel about your body.

Or maybe it is your mental health.

Or __(insert here) _______________.

Whatever the worst thing is about you, I want you to start to look at it from a different angle.

Most of us have heard the concept that someone can misuse their strength.  BUT it is also true that you can misuse your weaknesses. 

What? You say, how is it possible to misuse a weakness?

First, I will ask a question back.  Why do personal weaknesses exist?

>>>Because you are human, all humans have weaknesses. 

Next question: What is the human experience all about? 

That is a deeper question.  It has been debated and pondered upon through the centuries. No matter your faith or belief may I propose a simple answer that fits for most. 

>>>The human experience is about growth and expansion and experience individually and collectively.

As an individual you have been growing and expanding and experiencing since the womb. 

When you were first born you weren’t so good at eating or sitting. So you were nursed and held until you slowly began to learn to move your muscles and grow teeth.

You continued to grow and expand and experience being human as you began to walk and climb and run and go to school.  

Where you once began to learn the ABC’s you can now read and or even write a novel (if you wanted to).

The point is, that it is because of your weaknesses and inability since birth that has allowed you to live at all. The improvement of your weaknesses is what has given your life meaning and purpose since your first breath. 

At some point along the way you started making your weaknesses mean something different. 

Rather than letting them just be an invitation to expand and grow and experience, you started letting them mean that something was wrong with you.  


Your weakness exists because you are human and your existence is about growth and expansion. Just like in the past your weaknesses have been an invitation to expand the same is true now. 

Your weakness is an opportunity and an invitation to expand and grow.

>>> It is an invitation to live!

Here is an example from my life…

Now it may sound cliche, but it is my story and I share it openly, please receive it with care. 

From a very young age maybe 7 or 8 I had a sense or an idea, I had picked up somewhere, that my body wasn’t what it was supposed to be. That somehow I was supposed to be thinner or less somehow.  

I had this sense with me for a long time. It led me to diet on and off for many years.  I was in a battle with my body and food and I wanted out but I kept thinking that there was something wrong with me. 

I used to think that if I could just control myself more to get myself to conform to a diet better or for longer then I could finally get my body to be how it was “supposed” to be. And that I could finally be free from this weakness and that I would finally feel acceptable and right. 

My weakness became a strength in the very moment I dropped the shame and guilt and replaced it with love, acceptance and curiosity.

It wasn’t until my early thirties that I gave all that up. I decided that I was done thinking that way and I stopped thinking that my body was wrong in any way.  

From that point on I have been walking an amazing journey of acceptance, love and freedom and a true partnership with my body in this life. 

It was all possible because I stopped misusing a weakness and instead saw it as an invitation to grow and expand and experience.

The interesting thing about growth is that it doesn’t happen very well unless it is cultured in the correct environment. Human growth, the kind that turns weaknesses into strengths, requires love, acceptance and curiosity.  

Guilt, shame and self loathing do not have the power to create true growth and expansion in this human experience. 

My weakness became a strength in the very moment I dropped the shame and guilt and replaced it with love, acceptance and curiosity. 

I now teach other women how I have turned my weakness into a strength and how it has been a journey that I am so grateful for because it now allows me to connect with and help other women. My weakness became a stretch and now expands to do the same for others. 

From Oct 3-7th I am teaching my free online workshops to help other women. If you would like to join me CLICK HERE

Ok so now…

What is it? What is your weakness? Now stop calling it that and start calling it your opportunity and your invitation in this human experience that you are on. 

In this very moment as you accept my invitation the first thing is to drop the shame and guilt and instead gather all the love and acceptance and curiosity that you can find and apply it to that part of you. Now it is on its way to being cultivated into your strength to bless your life and others.



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