By Michelle Cox

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“How am I ever going to figure this out?”

“Why does this have to be so hard?”

“I have no idea what to do next.”

“Will the pain ever stop?”

Do any of these thoughts sound familiar? These are the types of thoughts that sometimes go through my mind when the storms of life rage. In “The Wind May Blow” by Sasha Quinton, words of encouragement and truth push back against the despair of doubt.

I love this little story because even though we all face the storms of life, we often don’t know what to say or do when someone we love is in the middle of a personal storm. “The Wind May Blow” is the answer. It is filled with words of love and support adults can lean on, and pieces of truth our kids can embrace.

“One day, the sun may go…Know that you have all you need to make it through. You are strong enough.”

The Wind May Blow

Watercolor illustrations by Thomas Hegbrook capture the weight, fear, and fatigue created as we work to push through the storm and hold on to the hope of the future. In contrast to the brewing storm are words of validation and affirmation. “One day, the sun may go…Know that you have all you need to make it through. You are strong enough.” If your family is facing a hard time, or a child is struggling, the words of “The Wind May Blow” can provide a source of comfort and strength. All you have to do as a parent is pick it up, read it, and trust the inner strength of the people you love most. You could even wrap the story up by saying something simple like:

“I believe you are strong enough to make it through this storm.”

“This is hard, and you don’t have to do this alone. I believe in you.”

Consider identifying two or three specific character traits you recognize within your child.

“I see how determined you are, and I know you’ll be ok.”

“I have watched you push through lots of hard stuff in your life. You know how to work hard, I know we can find a way.”

“The Wind May Blow” is a story that can stand on its own to support someone you love. You could even leave it on the pillow of a teenager with a note that simply says, “Love you.”

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