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The Way Mothers Are by Miriam Schlein, has been one of my favorites since my mother used to read it to me as a small child. I loved how it made me feel so secure in her love.

It is the story of a kitten asking his mother why she loves him. He wants to know why she loves him when he does all the naughty things he does. She assures him that she loves him in spite of all the frustrating things he does.

He goes on to ask her if she loves him because of all the wonderful things he does on days when he is really good. Again she affirms that it’s wonderful when he is good and sweet, but her love has nothing to do with his actions. 

Finally, she stops him and says, “So you don’t think I love you just when you’re good, and stop loving you when you are not, do you? That’s not the way mothers are. I love you all the time, because you are mine.”

I remember as a child being so very grateful that that’s the way mothers are!

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