By Becky Hong Thibodeau

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The Rabbit Listened is a fantastically peaceful book that has a great lesson for kids as well as parents. The main character, Taylor, makes a brilliant tower of blocks and is feeling great about it, until the blocks come tumbling down. (Anyone else internally verbalizing all the different metaphors this is representing today?). There are a lot of emotions and feelings running through Taylor as a result, and there is a string of friends ready to help. While they all offer their advice and solutions, none of this is really working for Taylor, so they slowly all walk away… except the Rabbit. 

The Rabbit Listened
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What does the Rabbit do? 
The Rabbit listens. And as the Rabbit listens, Taylor expresses all those feelings and emotions that were stuck inside. 

It’s so easy for us to get caught up in “teachable moments” and being “solution-based”, that we sometimes forget to just listen. Yes, it absolutely is important to have those teachable moments and encourage solution-based thinking, but sometimes, we need to sit back and listen. And if WE aren’t listening, then how can we expect our kids to listen? 

This book is sweetly illustrated and the simple words are filled with emotion. It’s comforting and feels like a hug as you read it. I hope you’ll give it a try and read it with your kiddos, no matter their age. 

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