By Brynne Wise

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I met the sweetest little boy in the airport as I waited to board my flight home.

He randomly came up to me as I was listening to a devotional about Christ and asks, “Do you like Takis?”

I answered, “I do!” (Given the choice, I’d pick Flaming Hot Cheetos over Takis, but I do enjoy Takis!)

He shared with me that Takis went out of business (which I’ve actually found out isn’t true, they were just discontinued in his area), and that he wanted to give me a bag because he had finally found some, had two, and wanted to give me one.

When speaking with his mom about it after she came out of the restroom, she shared with me that this guy LOVES Takis. She went around her town to buy him some as a surprise when he was doing well in school and couldn’t find any, and when she looked into it, and found out they had been discontinued in his area, he CRIED.


So here he is, traveling to a new state, and he found some. He bought 2 bags. And he shared one with me, a complete stranger.

I want to be more like that little boy (I would guess he was about 8 years old).

What a beautiful reminder to give freely of the things that I have, even if I may never get it back again.

He then shared with me that he was flying to California to go get his dad from jail, and he was in the best spirits ever.

That little boy brought tears to my eyes. He reminded me to find joy in the little things, to give of my abundance, to be kind even to strangers, to be grateful for my beautiful family, to be kind.

How can we give to our families today? What can we express gratitude for today? Where can we find joy? How can we give to strangers?

It is my hope that I can be more like that little boy with my kiddos, with my spouse, with strangers… today, and every day.

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