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Today’s Women of Light post is actually a book recommendation. You see, one of my favorite women on planet earth is Emily Belle Freeman. I think if we lived near each other we would be fast friends. I love Emily’s good heart, her love of Jesus Christ, and her willingness to share both. She has taught me a lot about myself as a woman, and about my Savior. She spreads light because she IS a woman of light. 

She has written a few books, but my current favorite is entitled The Gathering Home. If you have ever listened to Emily teach, you know she wants to be the type of person that invites people in. She wants her home to be a place people want to be. Light draws people in, it makes them feel welcome and safe and happy. Emily is that type of light in the world. And I want to be that type of light.

The inside of the book has the title followed by this subtitle, “Creating a refuge of goodness and joy.” Isn’t that something we all want? Our home to be a refuge where our children, family, friends and neighbors will find goodness and joy! Let me share just a little excerpt from the introduction:

“Every so often we are given the invitation to slow down. Time stands still, and we see the smiles and hear the easy conversation and the sound of sweet laughter. These are our people, our moments, our memories.

There is an art of gathering — of welcoming in. Those moments of stillness become sacred when we spend time making people feel special and cared for. ‘Gathering’ is familiar traditions handed down: fresh flowers on the table, homemade cookies on the counter, the candle lit just before scripture study begins. It’s the little things, the thoughtfulness and attention to detail, that make memories meaningful.”

(The Gathering Home p.3)

I am in LOVE with this book and the ideas shared. Don’t you just want to be at that house with the fresh flowers and cookies on the table? I want to BE that house. I often feel that my personality is not very inviting, I tend to be more stand-offish and shy. I want to be different, to create a place people want to be. I want to invite others in. This book gives ideas and suggestions to do that intentionally. It even comes with planning pages in the back for your family to implement whatever suggestions speak to you. I highly recommend anything Emily Belle Freeman has published but especially The Gathering Home. I invite you to create that place that draws people in and helps them feel your goodness and love! 

You can find it here.


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