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back to basics

Back to Basics

It is so important to get back to basics and become aware of the thoughts we are thinking about ourselves and about others each day. As we become aware of our thoughts we can discover we have the power to change the ones that are not serving us. 

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Power to Appreciate

What we appreciate will be appreciated!  Where you put your focus determines your destiny.   As we put on the power word “appreciate” it keeps our focus on the good and allows it to expand. 

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permission to try

Permission to Try

Have you ever waited for someone to give you permission to try something? I know I did. What I have discovered is the only person I need to get permission from to try anything is myself.

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Enjoy Your Ride!

Have you ever considered the ride you are on? The ride we find ourselves on has to do with the choices we make. There are some things we don’t have power over but I have discovered I do have power over a few simple things, like the thoughts I put on each day.  

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Today the word that matters is Perspective.  How do we focus on the good when there is so much negative around us?  If we don’t make a conscious effort—we can get lost in the overwhelm of life.

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