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Take That First Step

Creative and goal-oriented individuals always have big plans. We want to complete big projects, accomplish big goals, and do big things. Often, those things we want to do are so big that they are a little overwhelming, so we put off starting for fear of getting into a situation where we are in over our heads.

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The Two-Minute Rule

For all of you anxiety-fueled procrastinators out there, putting off these tasks might feel good at the moment because you are avoiding doing something you don’t like. But, having things you need to do, especially things that are uncomfortable, creates stress which in the long run can drain away energy….This is where the two-minute rule comes in.

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The Power of a Plan

Do you ever feel like your head is going to explode with so much to remember and do? You’re not alone. I’d like to reintroduce you to an old friend of yours that many of you might have ditched because it didn’t work for you – a plan.

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