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trust your heart

Tip #100: Trust Your Heart

You are your own expert when it comes to your likes and needs. If you don’t listen and trust your heart, those needs will be pushed aside and you will end up stuck doing things you don’t like, possibly with people who don’t bring you joy.

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celebrate reap

Tip #98: Reap What You Sow

Reaping, or harvesting, is your reward for following through with your goals all the way to completion. If your goal was to eat more veggies at mealtimes, your reward might be finding that your pants fit better and your skin looks nicer. Celebrate this victory! If your goal was to be more mindful as you spend time outside and you might find that you are calmer during your day, celebrate this as well.

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seek out rainbows

Tip #91: Seek Out Rainbows

On average, both lucky and those who consider themselves unlucky, are exposed to the same amount of bad and good happenings. Those who feel they are luckier than most tend to seek out rainbows, meaning they are looking for good things to happen or positive experiences to try. Those who focus on their problems and challenges tended to miss these “lucky” breaks.

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