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Life Is Unfair

When I only view life through the lens of “right now,” it is often perceived as unfair. [But] as we have the promise and hope of all our tears being wiped away, so can the pain and grief that accompanies unfairness be wiped away through redemptive experiences and lessons from God.

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Playing Pretend

By Olivia Gwen – What amazes me the most, is when pretend play sneaks into reality. When it seeps through the cracks of our emotional scars in an attempt to fill them with words, or truths, to help us feel whole.

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mom guilt

Mom Guilt

By Janna Frei – Meltdown City is happening in your local Target, and people are staring. Some are running away, vowing to never have children. You worry what people are thinking, you worry how to get the kids to quiet down. You feel guilty for subjecting strangers to the chaos of meltdowns. You feel guilty for saying no to your children. Now what?

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