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The Gathering Home

Today’s Women of Light post is actually a book recommendation for The Gathering Home by Emily Belle Freeman. If you have ever listened to Emily teach, you know she wants to be the type of person that invites people in…

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Molly Lou Melon

Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon

Molly Lou Melon has buck teeth, a croaky voice, and is shorter than every one of her friends. None of that matters though because everyone loves Molly; especially her Grandma! But what happens when Molly has to move and make new friends?

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recordable books

Recordable Books – The Perfect Holiday Keepsake

I’m sure you’ve all seen these recordable books, where you can record someone’s voice reading it and listen to their voice as you follow along. What I hadn’t thought of before, was how these sweet recordable books can really become a treasured keepsake from someone you love and always want to remember.

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Steam Train, Dream Train

Looking for a good bedtime book? Love trains? Love animals? Look no further! Steam Train, Dream Train is a fun yet calming book all about the circus getting packed onto the train by some hard-working, creative, and industrious animals!

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