By Brynne Wise

I used to think that I would be given some kind of award for doing it all. For being SUPER mom!

I want to have a clean home.
I want to make healthy dinners.
I want my kids to look cute and clean.
I want my kids to have good manners.
I want my kids to be kind, hard-working, and smart.
I want my kids to love and know Jesus.
And I want to personally feel good, look good, and be happy too.

super mom


Again, I used to think that I would be given some kind of award for doing it all.

Being super mom.
Basically… perfection.

But momma, there’s no award for doing it all.
And… perfection doesn’t exist.

The award comes through REWARD. The reward of allowing others to help you bear your burdens. To make you lighter.

Momma… what I’m really saying is:
It’s okay to ask for help.

When your neighbor or friend or sibling or parent asks you what they can do to help, I challenge you NOT to  brush them off and say, “I’m fine.”

Think of something.

Let them make you dinner.
Let them pick up something at the grocery store for you the next time they go.
Let them pray for you.
Let them come over and chat with you and help you while you fold laundry.
Let them watch your kids for 30 minutes so you can shower, or take a nap, uninterrupted.

There’s no shame in needing help.
We ALL do.

Yesterday, I had help cleaning my house, AND used the modern-day pleasure of Instacart (like Amazon Prime for groceries — but in a few hours instead of 2 days)!


These little pleasures? Allowed me to play with my kiddos more than usual. And I got to take a nap. And I got to read a chapter of Midnight Sun. And I got my work done. And I listened to my personal development. And got ready before 10 am. And snuggled with all three of my kiddos. And I got to read several books with my kiddos. And I worked out, and fueled myself well.

There is no WAY that I would have been able to do all that, and be NICE, without the help of the kind woman who did my grocery shopping for me on Instacart. Or the amazing woman who helped to clean our home and make it smell absolutely delicious.

I may not have it all together, but together, with the help of my village, we have it all.

I need help.
I readily admit that.
I need my Savior.
I need my friends.
I need those who are willing to help and serve.
I am a better version of myself when I ask for help.

Don’t be afraid momma.
It’s okay to ask for help.

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