By Jodi Milner

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There are days where we get overwhelmed.

Heck, there are entire weeks and months where we as moms feel stressed, tired, and frustrated.

While there is this noble idea floating around that “good moms” don’t complain about how hard parenting can be, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Holding in all those negative feelings only makes problems worse. It’s downright unhealthy.

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By allowing yourself to vent to a trusted friend, parent, or preferred online group, you are giving yourself a healthy outlet for those hard feelings to sympathetic ears. Even better, by sharing, it helps relieve some of the stress.

But, there is a catch. While venting does feel good, you must follow it up with creating solutions to prevent what caused you to vent in the first place.

Try this: The next time you are overwhelmed and need an outlet, give yourself one! Call or text someone who you trust and let it out. Give them permission to do the same with you when they need a listening ear. Then, when all that pent up frustration is gone, take the time to find solutions to what caused the problem in the first place.

Storytime: I’m notoriously bad at sharing my frustrations with anyone, especially if it means calling or texting them out of the blue. Because of this, I tend to only vent to my husband, which isn’t entirely fair to him, or bottling it up until I get to hang out with friends. For me, the next best thing to venting to a trusted friend is to journal about the frustration and let all those feelings spill out onto the page. Once all the words are out of me, I find it that much easier to look at the problem rationally and come up with better solutions.

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