By Jodi Milner

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Bad things happen sometimes. If you’re a mom, then it might feel like they happen all the time. Because they are happening. All. The. Time. We are on the front lines for everything from poop disasters to lost shoes to having things we like break. There are plenty of things that require us to be serious and take care of business. But for those things that we have no control over, instead of stressing, it’s so much better to just laugh it off.

Try this:

The next time something bad happens, take two seconds to decide if it’s the kind of bad where being serious or angry is going to help the situation improve. If it isn’t, laugh it off! You’ll feel a million times better.

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There are a few meals that I love making and one of them is a frittata. All the yummy veggies in a luscious egg base and topped with cheese is perfection. One day I was making my signature frittata and it was turning out perfectly. I’d cooked down the mushrooms and onions to the perfect stage of caramelized goodness and broiled the cheese until it was bubbly and crisp at the edges. It was glorious. The last step was to flip the pan upside down onto a cutting board so it could be served. The pan was heavy and the cutting board unwieldy. The next thing I knew, my beautiful frittata was on the floor. Dinner was ruined. All I could do is sit next to it and laugh. Being mad at the frittata wouldn’t make it edible or clean up the mess.

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