By Becky Kemp

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Most things in our lives we cannot change. There are so many circumstances or facts that we have no control over. Do we have control over anything? Yes, we have control of our thoughts. We can decide and choose what we think of the facts in life.

Six years ago, I was struggling with anxiety and depression and thought I had lost control of my story. I felt stuck and only focused on the negative things in life. It was all I could see.

“Facts don’t hurt—the circumstances of our lives have no effect on us until they encounter the mind and we attach meaning to them! When we realize that our minds cause our feelings we can be much more in control of our emotional lives.” Brooke Castillo

One day when I hit a low point, a mentor friend offered me some advice. She suggested I change one word in my story. She said, “instead of asking why this is happening to me, what if you begin to ask HOW do I step forward?

The advice seemed too simple and underwhelming…I almost passed it by. Today, I am so grateful that I felt a little hope and decided to just give it a try.

This was the start of me discovering the effect of the words in my own life. As I began to change this one word…something amazing began to happen. The HOW was revealed line upon line, day by day. The journey started with changing one word and it has put me on a path to change my story…all with the power of words.

Today I am living the life I always wanted to live. I haven’t been able to change my circumstances, most of those are still the same. The only thing I have changed is my thoughts around them. This is where the real power lies.

I invite you to step forward too and begin to ask HOW instead of WHY in your circumstances. The changes occur slowly and steadily. This is not a quick fix to just feel better. The change in your words will change your story.

Today, I continue to look for the words that matter to me daily and have a passion for helping other women step forward with their story too.

Are you ready to awaken your potential, transform your thinking, and live with more intention? Let me show you how to step forward and become your best self! I will continue to teach and share tips and tools here under “Words Matter” for Strong Moms. I am also launching my website, I would love for you to check it out.

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