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Steam Train, Dream Train, by Sherri Duskey Rinker and Tom LIchtenheld

Looking for a good bedtime book? Love trains? Love animals? Look no further! Steam Train, Dream Train is a fun yet calming book that is all about the circus getting packed onto the train by some hard-working, creative, and industrious animals! Who doesn’t love penguins sneaking an ice cream treat when the work is done? Or some baby kangaroos jumping into a ball pit for a rest? 

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What’s also really nice, is the subtle education about the different cars of the train. Each page features a different task that the animals are completing, on a different car of the train. The train car name is in bold, so if your kid is interested, it’s easy to identify and point out to them. For example, the autorack, reefer car, hopper, boxcar… you get the picture. 

And if you’re already a fan and have been thinking something seemed a bit familiar but couldn’t quite put your finger on it… these are the same creators of Goodnight, Good Night, Construction Site (another favorite bedtime book in our house). What are some of your bedtime favorites? 

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