By Becky Kemp

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Are you still curious? Do you still ask questions? The definition of curious is “eager to know or learn something”. Are you still eager to know and learn something? Are you still open to discovering the life you always wanted? What questions do you ask yourself each day? Do you use empowering questions to become your best self?

Take a minute and answer these questions I just asked…and you will see if you are curious or not. I think back on my son Kayden when he was 3-years old.  He was outside watching his dad fix a fence.  As he watched he continued to ask question after question.  “Dad, what is this tool? Why are you doing that?  How come…”. After several questions my husband said, “Kayden I need to focus on this for a minute can you just watch?”  I will never forget his innocent answer.  Kayden was full of curiosity and said, “but dad, I just love questions.” 

Do you love questions today? As mom’s I bet you can relate to a young one asking question after question.  As humans, we are meant to be curious and to discover, but I believe as we get older our brains stop questioning things because of fear.  Our brains want to avoid failure so as we get older, we often subconsciously stop being curious.

When we lose curiosity, we become stuck in our story and just do the same thing over and over again. We become comfortable with what we know to do and just keep doing that. I believe it is fear that stops curiosity. Albert Einstein said, “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”

What is the reason for questioning and being curious? Empowering questions are tools we use to change our lives. When we begin by asking higher quality questions, the higher quality the answer will be. So, let’s stay curious!

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In my most recent episode on The Word Effect podcast, episode 6 “Stay Curious”, I share more about the power of asking How instead of Why. When we change one word in our questions you will begin to see that your life will change. When we ask ‘how to’ things…this empowers the brain to go to work and search for better answers. For example, instead of asking “why can’t I be happy today?” try saying, “How can I be happy today?”

We have the ability to choose what we do each day and how to stay curious.   Let us discover and create the life we always wanted to live.  Try asking yourself these empowering questions every day for the next week:

  • How can I make today better than yesterday? 
  • How can I make myself a priority so I have more to give to others?
  • How can I live my best life? 
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The Word Effect works when we work it and I invite you to put on the words “Stay Curious” this week. Be consistent and begin to ask empowering questions and see what happens. Words Matter–create the life you want with the power of words.

Be sure to subscribe to The Word Effect Podcast where weekly you will discover that the power to change your story is within. The podcast is now available on Apple podcast and all other podcast listening services.  What words will you put on today?  Episode 6 “Stay Curious” is available now.  You can also check out my website and get a free downloadable printable, “Gratitude helps you fall in love with the life you already have”. You are able to print this picture and put these words in your life. 

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