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Spring has sprung in the North East. When winter melts away into blossoms, birds, and blue skies I always feel the desire to clean things out. Spring cleaning your home is a common practice when the weather turns. What about spring cleaning your homeschool?

I have felt recently that I need to make some changes for myself personally which will in turn benefit my children. When you change yourself and your own behavior, you can then influence and change the world around you. My recent question to myself is, “What brings you joy?” And if I’m not doing those things that bring me joy, why not and how can I change that? 

When you change yourself and your own behavior, you can then influence and change the world around you.”

Amber Wild

You might feel, as I often do, that there just isn’t enough time! We focus so much on our children that we don’t have time to make changes in ourselves. I am here to tell you you’re right . . .if you continue to think like that. But I’d like you to challenge yourself a bit. I recommend starting with The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. It has been a game-changer for me and my children, just because of what it’s done for me. I haven’t even started to implement it yet with my kids, but I certainly will. It’s part of their education they won’t be getting anywhere else, and it is so important!

The Miracle Morning puts together meaningful silence, affirmations, meditation, visualizing, exercise, journaling, gratitude, and goal-setting all into one morning practice that’s an hour or less. Hal teaches you how to fit those things in, how to become more of a morning person, how to actually do each thing with examples of what he does and says each day. It’s been such a blessing in my life. 

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So what are you doing to spring clean your homeschool? Make sure it includes time for you in there. If you don’t know how to do that, give Hal’s book a read. It will clear out the old and help you grow into the homeschooling mama you want to be!


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