By Trish Brutka

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My favorite and signature color has always been yellow. I’ve always been drawn and appreciated its brightness and warmth. Yellow is the color of happiness for me. As much as I love yellow, I know it’s not for everyone. My own daughter doesn’t love it. When I was married last year, we moved into my husband’s beautiful and much larger home. He said he wanted me to feel free to add touches and things to make it mine. In my prior home, I had bought brand new and picked out everything for it. It was just me and my daughter and I could have as much yellow as I wanted for decorating. I absolutely loved having a home that felt bright, happy, and warm.

After we got married, I wanted to start with new bedding. I wasn’t going to get yellow, but I just wanted something not brown or tan. I put it off and put off hanging up any of my pictures because they didn’t seem to go with the brown and tan bedding my husband had. For Christmas, my sister surprised us with a gift of yellow and white gingham bedding. I wish I had a picture of my husband’s face when we opened it. As I said, yellow is not a color everyone embraces and it was never more apparent than in that moment. He considerately agreed that we’d try it out and if it didn’t work, we’d exchange it. He actually had to talk me into it.

So I put the new bedding on for the day. He started with not hating it, then grew to kind of liking it. Finally, he enthusiastically said we were keeping the bedding.  He then reminded me to hang up some of the pictures I’d had in mind for our bedroom. He went to some meetings for church and I hung up a few pictures and our room felt transformed. He can’t stop mentioning how warm and bright the room feels now. We were both surprised what a difference just a few items made to our room. The next thing I knew, my off-handed casual remarks about wanting to get rid of the wallpaper in our bathroom and the carpet in the entryway, were taken very seriously and became a priority.  My husband actually suggested we paint our master bath yellow and then had to talk me into using yellow. We have a new bathroom, new flooring, and soon will have new kitchen counters. All starting with new bedding. 

So why am I sharing this in an article meant to focus on God and holiness? This illustrates a principle God often uses with us—that it is by small and simple things great thing are brought to pass (Alma 37:6). God has often prompted me to do or change something so seemingly small or simple. Often I’ve made the change or done the thing more from obedience rather than thinking it will actually make much of a difference or lead to desired blessings.

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I’ve gone to an event when I’d rather stay home that ended up being the place where I formed a lifelong friendship. I’ve gone to the temple last minute and then received answers and had experiences I wouldn’t have had if I not gone at that exact time. With my daily habit of listening to one or two religious sermons, it’s astounding how often a random sermon will have the exact counsel or answer I need for specific struggles. I could keep going with examples and I hope you have many of your own coming to mind.

God wants us to be where we can regularly have the warmth and brightness of His love and guidance. I’ve found as I’ve continually made small and simple changes, God is there waiting in the change. I’ve experienced more fully and more often His love and light. I’ve realized that if God can do such great and marvelous works with such small and simple changes, He can also use the same principles to make me into something greater. He can make me into someone warmer. He can make me into someone more apt to feel peace, happiness, and joy. While I’ve also made mighty and drastic changes, the small things have made a more significant difference throughout my life. If there is some small change you’ve been delaying, give it a try. You may not end up with a new bathroom and kitchen, but hopefully, you will have a little more yellow, a little more brightness, and a little more holiness.

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