By Taralyn Parker

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When she was 7-years old my daughter asked me, “If we have an-sisters (ancestors), why don’t we have an-brothers?” I love moments like these when my children are curious and ask questions. I like to see the excitement that comes from discovering who you are and where you came from.

The day my daughter asked this question we were at the Family Discovery Center in downtown Salt Lake. We took pictures, recorded stories, and had an amazing time learning about our family. Lily did not want to leave this wonderful place. “But Mom, we haven’t found all our ancestors yet!” She was especially concerned about adding more details for her Great-Grandma Carolyn Watkins Kimball. Her death date and burial place were not in the Family Search program yet and so it read “unknown.” I’ll never forget the words Lily said, “she is not unknown to me. Go tell them that we know right where she is! Heaven and the cemetery!”


Those words have stayed with me many years later. “She is not unknown to me.” I am glad that my beloved Grandma Kimball is “known.”  

She is deeply missed, but she lives on each time we share memories of her – the blueberry muffins on Christmas morning, just one See’s chocolate a day, games of Canasta, speed walking around the mall, and sister lunch dates. Part of my deep love of family history is because I want to preserve these memories! I know how much I love reading memories about ancestors, both those I have met and those I have not. Knowing their stories ties me to them. I have learned so much from them.  

If you feel the pull to know more about who you are and where you came from, I invite you to register for the virtual Rootstech Connect this month. It is all free and online. You can register at There will be over 800 classes – perfect for those just getting started and those wanting to learn more. The conference is February 25th-February 27th, but the classes will be available throughout the rest of the year! Think Netflix line up with 20 – 60 minute classes! I am teaching several classes on using social media for family history (it’s easier than you think) and sharing family history resources for homeschoolers. There will be chat rooms on the website during the conference so it is an amazing opportunity to ask questions!

There’s a special track just for youth and young adults! You can check it out here: It’s called Quest for Connection and looks like so much fun – I am excited for my tween and teen to do it!

I hope this month you can feel part of something bigger than yourself and your children can feel that way, too! Family history helps our family feel this way. Join us at Rootstech to make more connections! 

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