By Taralyn Parker

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Who are the women in your story? March is International Women’s Month so I have been sharing the stories of my female ancestors on social media. While I share a few details from the women in my family line, I invite you to consider what stories you can share from your own family.

The women in my family stories have been a lifebuoy for me during these unsettling times. When the grocery stores were empty a year ago, I thought, what would Ottilie do? She lived through the depression as an immigrant sending canned food back to her family in Germany (see this past Strong Mom post). When I planted seeds in the garden with my children, I called on Althea’s green thumb. Her garden and roses are frequently mentioned in memories. When we felt cooped up at home, I turned to music like Carolyn and Ada. (And my daughter Lily did too! ) I have tried to laugh like Louise and work hard in the early morning hours like Lois. And through it all, I have talked daily with my own mom!

I am not alone! I am more connected than I ever have been with loved ones- past and present.

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I am grateful to come from this long line of women. Women who molded me into who I am today. Women who lived imperfect lives in imperfect times. Women who became educated when many women of their time weren’t. Women who crossed oceans to begin new lives. Women who sacrificed to provide for their families in unconventional ways. Women who shared their talents – their music, their poetry, their humor. Women who lived through joys and sorrows. Women who made it possible for me to live the blessed and privileged life I have today.

Family Search issued the following challenge on their social media: Support a woman by recording her story or sharing your own. I support this 100%! Our stories are important. Our female ancestors’ stories are important! Let’s share them!

Here’s what you can do:

1) Take photos of people and places you love. Remember to be in the photo as people want to remember you, too.
2) Write down the things that are important to you, including your thoughts about current world events. This can be therapeutic for you and encouraging for future generations.
3) Use social media to document your day-to-day life. Consider printing a book or making an album of the photos and captions you post.
4) Save your important memories to as well as to another location.


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