By Brynne Wise 

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As we reflect on 2020, and think about what we hope 2021 will look like, I want to encourage you to adopt this new goal: Be kind to yourself. 

Watch the thoughts that enter your mind. Pay attention to the way you look at yourself in the mirror. Be aware of the things you say about yourself. Stop shaming yourself. 

Shame = I am bad. Guilt = I made a bad choice. 

Shame = I am fat. Guilt = I have made choices that have led to weight gain.

Shame = I suck. Guilt = I made a choice that was not the best. 

Shame = I am a terrible mother. Guilt = I did not show up the way that I wanted to in that situation, and I know I can improve. 

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Our kiddos want us to be happy. They listen to the way we talk to ourselves. Our words become their thoughts and beliefs about themselves. Monkey see? Monkey do! Would you talk to your babies the way you talk to yourself? 

The greatest hope I have for my children is that they can show up confidently, as whoever they want to be in this world without fear, and without reservation. I hope they will always know that they are loved, that they are accepted. That they are valuable. That they are beautiful, inside and out. And I hope that they know that nothing can, or ever will, change that. 

If I want them to learn that? I must lead by example. I must be kind to myself. 

My little girl in this picture? She knows who she is. She also knows whose she is. She knows what she wants. And I pray it always stays that way. 

I’m working to lead by example. 
For more on raising confident children, listen to my latest podcast. ❤️ 
Be kind to yourself momma. You are amazing. 

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