By Brynne Wise

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Just a reminder momma: Self-care is NOT Selfish.

Think about being on an airplane. What is the one thing you hear EVERY time, no matter what airline you’re flying with?

Answer: If something were to happen, be SURE to put on your own air mask before helping those around you.

Help yourself with your air mask before you help your child.

Help yourself with your air mask before you help your spouse.

Help yourself with your air mask before you help your grandparent, or your parent, or your sibling, or your _______.


Because if you don’t? You will eventually run out of air.

Yes, you have noble intentions to put others first, but eventually? You WILL run out of air! And then? Your influence for good completely stops.

Now? People have to stop what they’re doing to help you. Now, they can’t continue helping everyone on the plane get their air mask on too so that EVERYONE is safe. They’re now trying to revive you. Because you didn’t make you a priority.

If you don’t make yourself a priority with self-care, who will?

One of my favorite mentors, Shaun T, wrote in his book: “If you’re not giving back to yourself, who will? Where’s the percentage that’s nurturing you? That’s supporting your journey? Helping you grow stronger? If you’re not finding time for that your clock is going to wind down.”


Momma, it’s okay to ask for help.

Ask your husband to come home early from work one day a week so that you can go take a bath by yourself before making dinner.

Find a sitter so that you can go to that dance class, or live fitness class, or art class at least once a week so that you can fill your cup.

Wake up 30 minutes before your first child wakes up so that you can start your day ahead of your children, on YOUR terms, and you can sneak in some exercise, or some reading, or a shower, before the day starts and they need you.

Take a nap.

Taking care of you makes it so you are then able to take care of others without feeling depleted. Because you are running from a full tank, rather than an empty one, surviving only from fumes.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that one of the terms for anger = fuming.

If you find yourself getting short with your kiddos? That’s a sign you need to give yourself more time. You need to put your air mask on. Everyday.

If you’re still not convinced that self-care = selfless? It all comes back to your intentions. Are you filling yourself up so that you can pour into others? Or are you filling yourself up because you just like to be full?

If it’s the first reason? Momma, you are selfless. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Take care of you.
Put on your air mask.
You matter too.


And when you make YOU matter? Everyone else will get the BEST of you, rather than the rest of you.

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