By Amber Wild

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I love the summer time. I am happiest when it is warm and sunny and bright! I could spend all day at the beach or a pool, it doesn’t really matter just as long as there’s sun. Likewise, even when it’s cold outside, if the sun is shining bright, I love how it makes my home feel. We have lots of windows and it is so cheery to have the sun blazing through them on a cold winter day. My kitchen is another place I feel happy. We recently renovated and we now have a lot of light in the kitchen. At night or on a dreary day I turn all the lights on and remark to whoever is listening that it’s my happy kitchen. I just love all the light!

…light doesn’t need anything to make it happy, it just is happy, or brings happiness, on its own.

Did you ever think about how light warms up spaces and makes them feel cheery? Yet light doesn’t need anything to make it happy, it just is happy, or brings happiness, on its own. The sun doesn’t rely on you for its cheery glow or its warmth. The sun doesn’t ask you what it should do to be happy or bring happiness. The sun just shines! 

When I was first married, I remember my husband and I having a conversation about how it was unfair of me to expect him to make me happy, because he would fail every time. He said I needed to create my happiness independent of other people. You see, I had expectations of a fairytale and it included him knowing what I wanted and meeting those desires. And it was not healthy. I learned over time to not rely on my expectations of others to control my happiness. I learned to let go of unhealthy expectations altogether, actually, because they were not serving me or my relationships. 


So my invitation to you is to do the same. Stop looking to others for your happiness and be like the sun. Shine girl! Create your happy life! It will not be perfect. It will be messy. You will still experience disappointment, sadness, grief. But your joy will be so much greater! 


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