By Becky Kemp

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Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?   Are you feeling stuck and ready to move forward?  If so, it is time to discover the power of our thoughts!  Yes, there is power in the thoughts we put on each day.  They can be used for good or negative—it is the Word Effect.   Once I became aware of the thoughts I was putting on, I discovered I had the power to change my results by changing my thoughts.  The great thing is—you can too!!!  As Stephen Covey said,

“Words have been and always will be the creative force of the universe.”  

Stephen Covey

What life are you creating?  I am a faith-based life coach who inspires women to create the life they’ve always secretly imagined.  The way to create is by intentionally putting on thoughts that matter.  If time keeps going by, day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year—why do so many of us stay stuck?  When we discover the power of our thoughts we have the ability to redirect our brain from a negative state to a positive one regarding any situation.  


We have a choice, the catalyst for change is within each of us.  It starts with remembering the power of our thoughts.  For most of us, we are not even aware of the thoughts we might be putting one each day.  They are thoughts we have thought over and over and that have become beliefs.  What if I told you that to begin to change your thoughts starts by becoming aware that we have the power to change them.  Thoughts are just thoughts and we can question them if they are not getting us the results we desire.  You can choose what you put on to wear each day–you also have the power to decide the thoughts you put on. How awesome is this! We all have the power to do this.

You can choose what you put on to wear each day–you also have the power to decide the thoughts you put on.

I am excited to share “The One Word Way.”  It is a FREE ebook that I want to share with you that offers three simple words you can begin to put on that will get your story moving forward to creating the life you have always imagined.  To download go to

This simple and easy approach allows you to ditch willpower and put on the power found in words.  It is a creative process for becoming.  It is time to discover how to redirect your mind and focus on the good. 

As Gandhi once said,

“A man is but the product of his thoughts, what he thinks–he becomes.” 


Join me as we become the person we have always desired and it starts with remembering the power found in our thoughts.  Let’s do it one word at a time.  For more ideas you can also catch episode 46, “Power of Your Thoughts” on The Word Effect Podcast.


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