By Becky Kemp

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There is enough time for everything that is important to me.

We have all heard how important it is to “manage your time.” I want to suggest the idea that time management is a myth. Can we really manage time? No! There are 24 hours in a day and we are not able to change this. The amount of time each one of us must work with is exactly the same. No one can create more time.

But there is one thing we each can do with time. We can manage our thoughts around how we spend our time!

HOW…. we spend our time is up to each one of us. I love to use the word “HOW” instead of “WHY” whenever I am ready to make a change in my life. It is in the “HOW” that I discover awareness and become curious to try something different.

Instead of saying, “WHY is there not enough time for this or that”, I have found myself saying, “HOW do I want to spend my time?” This is a much more productive thought to work with.

Someday is not a day of the week. I used to live my life in the “someday” category. For example, someday I will do this when my kids get older, when I have more money, when I know what I want to do, etc.

Think about it. What are your “someday” thoughts?

In March, I started a Life Coaching Certification at the Life Coach School (which was awesome, and I loved it!) It was the first week of March when it started and is a six-month commitment. I thought I was ready. I had figured out how I was going to devote the time to it that I needed to and still maintain my role as a mother, wife, and the many other responsibilities I had committed to and had interests in. Then March 12th happened. As I was in week two of my coach certification life as we knew it was shutting down…school, church, everything. My world turned upside down as I believe yours did too.

With this unsettling turn of events I fell back into asking “why” questions…like “why is this happening now?” My brain started to look for all the reasons I might not be able to do my certification program. The circumstance was Covid-19 and I could not change that. The only thing I could control were my thoughts about it. That simple reminder helped me get back into asking “HOW am I going to devote the the time I need to this coach certification and my other responsibilities?”

As I changed one word from WHY to HOW, my brain began to work for me and helped me figure things out. Covid-19 is still happening. And the last 5-6 months have passed by—that is what I do know. The rest of life has unfolded one step at a time. The win for me is last night—I took my final exam to finish up certification! I am so grateful for the power of one word! HOW!!

If you want to learn to live the life you have always wanted, you too can discover that we have enough time for what we choose to do with it. Start by asking yourself what one thing on your “someday” list is that you are ready to step forward with. Take that one thing and begin to ask “HOW can I make room for this in my life?” Be open-minded to the ideas and solutions that start to come. Give this a try. Be consistent. See what happens!

Words Matter. Create the life you want with the power of words.

Xo, Becky

Life Coach, Speaker, Writer

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