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Happy Fall everyone! Today, though it’s just the beginning of October, I thought I would talk about gratitude. It’s good to plan ahead for the holidays rather than waiting until they sneak up on you! 

Typically for the month of November we do something centered around gratitude. If you want to do the same, now would be a good time to sit with your children and decide what that activity might be, together. If they are involved in the planning then they will be more excited to participate in the activity!


One year we had a poster board on the wall and hearts on the table. Family members were encouraged to write something they’re thankful for on a heart and then stick it on the poster board. Another year we did a gratitude jar where we wrote what we were thankful for on little papers and put them in a mason jar. One year we wrote thank you notes every Sunday and mailed them out that following Monday. And of course, Pinterest is overflowing with more ideas. 

I have to admit that we don’t have a strong tradition that happens every November, and some years I forget to plan ahead so not much happens. But many of these activities can be done pretty last minute. And when you get family members thinking about what they’re grateful for, it’s almost like magic how moods improve, contention diminishes, and love increases.  Talk with your children about what they want to do to focus on things they’re thankful for this holiday season and let me know what you choose!


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