By Becky Kemp

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Have you ever waited for someone to give you permission to try something? I know I did. What I have discovered is the only person I need to get permission from to try anything is myself. When I wait for others to tell me what I can or can’t do…I stop living the life I was sent here to live.  I stop aligning my will to God’s will for me because I am trying to do what “you think I should do.”  

I have been discovering the power found in words and the words you decide to put on everyday. As Kody Bateman, from the book Promptings said, “The stories in your mind do become the stories of your life, and it’s a whole lot of fun when you create the stories you desire.”  

permission to try

You and I have the ability to not only change our story but step forward to create the story you have secretly desired.  What is that thing you think about changing or improving–and why are you not doing it today? Take a minute and ask yourself this question.  

Recently, I was talking with a client who told me she didn’t love her job and had a desire to develop a talent that she had always wanted to make her career.  I asked her a simple question.  “What are you doing now to accomplish that desire?” And she looked at me with a blank stare and said, “nothing.” 

What are you doing now to accomplish that desire?

How many of us relate?  We have a desire in our heart but we don’t listen to it–we listen to our head that tells us all the reasons we might fail–so we just do nothing!
I used to live in this space daily too—until I discovered the power found in words and that I had the power to choose the words I put on each day. As I began to change my words slowly and carefully—my whole life has begun to change.  It has been seven years of progress and working with my own set of mentors and coaches to help me change my words that I had been putting on that kept me stuck.  

I am now coaching and speaking on this very thing because as I have found healing in words, my desire is to help others discover the simple effects too.  I am creating the life I always desired, I am creating my most beautiful life…and you have the ability to give yourself the permission to do this too.  It is time to TRY! I have spoken to hundreds of women telling me that they have a secret desire too but just keep doing the same thing over and over again because they don’t know how to step forward.  
I can help you!  As we step into 2022–I am excited to announce and invite you to join me at The Gathering Retreat this January in St. George, Utah!.

Are you a busy mom who feels unworthy & stuck in your story most of the time?

permission to try
Click to listen to Word Effect Episode: Permission to Try!

I used to feel that way too until I discovered the power to change my story was as simple as changing my words. No more long to-do lists…the changes are found within.  

I invite you to JOIN me & discover HOW TO CREATE THE SECRET DESIRES ON YOUR HEART with the Divine Power found in words.

Attached is a link with ALL the details!  It is going to be so fabulous!

I am sharing a discount code of $500 OFF the original price with you!  Use code “EARLYBIRD” through Nov 30th at checkout to get the discount!! If you are ready to Celebrate, Connect & Create with Women, Words & Wisdom…the Gathering Retreat is for you!! Be sure to check out the VIP night too! If you are ready to up-level your life…join me then! A memorable night of Favorites await you. You deserve to start 2022 with the ability to create the secret desires of your heart and I am going to show you HOW!  

Give yourself permission to try–what do you have to lose?  Nothing–and what you will gain—is you will stop wishing and start living the life you have always secretly desired to live.


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