I Was A Pro Jump Roper!

My heart soared and my eyes filled with tears as I realized I was about to have a full-circle moment…teaching my daughter to jump rope. I feel God’s love deeply when I experience full circle moments. It is His way of saying to me. “I see you. I know you. I love you.”

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mom guilt

Mom Guilt

By Janna Frei – Meltdown City is happening in your local Target, and people are staring. Some are running away, vowing to never have children. You worry what people are thinking, you worry how to get the kids to quiet down. You feel guilty for subjecting strangers to the chaos of meltdowns. You feel guilty for saying no to your children. Now what?

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trust your heart

Tip #100: Trust Your Heart

You are your own expert when it comes to your likes and needs. If you don’t listen and trust your heart, those needs will be pushed aside and you will end up stuck doing things you don’t like, possibly with people who don’t bring you joy.

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