Finding Strength in a Life of Adversity

By Laurie Prusso Hatch, M Ed.
Certified Positive Discipline Trainer and Parenting Coach

It is in our moments, days, weeks, and perhaps lifetimes of struggle, sorrow, pain, and other types of adversity, that as we seek him most diligently in quiet moments of desperation, we come to know that He is indeed listening.

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sewn heart in a house

Ep. #88: Simple (Really!) Self-Care

Everyone of us has needs. Yes, we are mighty, capable, and strong, and still need to be cared for. I got to sit with a friend recently and she filled my heart to bursting. I felt so grateful. Most days though, we are the ones who get to take care of our hearts. Episode 88 is full of simple suggestions to start simply and offer you a little extra care. Take a deep breath, and if you’re needing a little love today, I’m sending it your way.

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seek out rainbows

Tip #91: Seek Out Rainbows

On average, both lucky and those who consider themselves unlucky, are exposed to the same amount of bad and good happenings. Those who feel they are luckier than most tend to seek out rainbows, meaning they are looking for good things to happen or positive experiences to try. Those who focus on their problems and challenges tended to miss these “lucky” breaks.

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