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Our Leilani, by Fred Okumura

This is a sweet book about a little girl who goes to a new school in Hawaii… and can’t make friends. The other boys and girls tease her for her clothes, size, head lei, the list goes on. However, Leilani doesn’t get angry or try to get revenge on them. Her mother teaches her to forgive them and that she will make friends, she just needs to be patient. 

Leilani listens to her mother, but also gives in to peer pressure in a way we can all understand. In the end, the other kids see her for who she is, and they become friends. The book has good messages about bullying and accepting others for how they are, a concept that cannot be taught enough these days (sigh). 

Bullying has become too easy lately. For this reason I feel its important to teach, and KEEP teaching kids about bullying. Teach them that kids are different and differences aren’t a reason to pick on each other or tease each other. 

The book also has great nods to Hawaiian culture without out calling it out specifically, and was written by an educator in Hawaii. The illustrations in the book are lovely and very appropriate for little readers. The author, Fred Okumura, also has a few other books that focus on good messages for our Keiki! 

What has worked for you when it comes to teaching your kid(s) about bullying? 

In a world where you can be anything, Be Kind. 

I can’t find a link to the book, but you can email the publisher, Mutual Publisher, at or check out their site, for more info and ask about Our Leilani by Fred Okumura. 

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