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Hello you wonderful mamas! Today we’re going to talk about our homeschool “classroom”. I’m going to share my journey with that, and I would LOVE for other experienced mamas to share their journey as well in the comments.

When we started homeschooling I had 3 kids. My oldest was going into 2nd grade and my second was going into 1st. My third was just a baby. At that time we had an extra room in our house that was going to be our homeschool room. I set up all our books, games, puzzles, building toys, a folding table, and chairs for the kids to work at. I made a light table. I even made the closet in the room into a small closet office so I had a command center of sorts for all of my stuff. It looked so cute. And we used it for maybe a month!

I had read over and over again that for most families, homeschooling happens where they do the most “living.” I didn’t listen. I wanted the perfectly organized, Pinterest-worthy homeschool classroom. (Pinterest can be kind of overwhelming on this topic BTW!)

I “live” in the kitchen, so guess where my kids always are? Upstairs, in, or near the kitchen! Our dining room and sunroom (off the kitchen) now hold our books, workbooks, art supplies, science kits, etc. I found some used Ikea cubes and they’ve been perfect for helping control the mess.

Some activities we do right at our dining room table, many activities happen on our living room couches because they’re more comfortable. I did splurge a little and got the Post-It brand stick-on whiteboard. It had the best reviews. That’s also in our dining room and if you’ve got the space for one, I highly recommend it!

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It’s been 6 years now for us and I’ve realized that really, the world is our classroom. We just needed a place to keep our “stuff” so that it is easily accessible.

But we have maps in the kids’ rooms, books in almost every room of the house, science kits in the garage, etc. The kids learn while they’re cooking with me in the kitchen, when we’re outside, when we’re at the grocery store, etc.

The “classroom” space isn’t what’s important. The love of learning and constant curiosity ARE what’s important.

Find out what works for you and your space. Know that there may be some trial and error (man it was a project dismantling our homeschool room), and BE FLEXIBLE. Isn’t it nice to know you don’t need anything fancy?

What questions do you have about classroom space? What advice do you other experienced mamas have? Tell us in the comments!

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