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Hello again you amazing moms! Today I’d like to offer an option for when life gets a little tougher…gameschooling. Since we started homeschooling I’ve had 2 more babies and let me just say those years looked a little different from other years! So how do you keep your kiddos learning while you’re a tired mess?

Let me suggest gameschooling. I fell in love with it when I had our fifth baby. I was absolutely exhausted and in pain during and after my pregnancy and I knew I had to change something because I could not monitor and work with my kids like I had in previous years. I found gameschooling and it was a lifesaver! 


Basically, gameschooling is what it sounds like! Kids learning through games. It’s games of any kind, including electronic, though I try to limit screen time. We have a ton of card games and board games. I joined the Gameschool Academy FaceBook group and read reviews, asked questions, got information on game sales, and got advice from some seasoned gameschooling mamas. 

We have games for science, math, creative thinking, spelling, role-playing, team building, etc. Check out this list of ideas for games by subject! Even if you don’t exclusively gameschool, games are a fun way to mix it up during your homeschool day. It’s also a great way for family members to connect. And sometimes it’s a way for family members to learn humility and how to lose gracefully. 

What are some of your favorite learning games? Leave ideas in the comments!

Here are some of my family’s favorites!

Math for littles….

Math for older kids…

Great creative thinking game….

And my kids LOVE this one and it’s on sale right now! It’s great to foster storytelling skills and imagination!

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