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As a somewhat peculiar introvert myself, Miss Twiggley’s Tree by Dorothea Warren Fox speaks to me on many levels.

Miss Twiggley's Tree

Miss Twiggley is a very nice lady who just happens to live in a treehouse. She has a dog and some bear friends, but when it comes to people she tries to avoid all contact. Because of this the town’s people have dubbed her “a nuisance” and want to get rid of her treehouse because it’s “spoiling their view.”

In the meantime, however, a disaster strikes. It rains. And rains, and rains. Eventually the bridge washes away and the town is cut off. “The road and the meadow were one stormy sea, and right in the middle stood the house in the tree.”

Without hesitation Miss Twiggley springs into action (along with her dog and the bears). As the townsfolk are floating by on doors and mailboxes she invites them up to get warm & dry. She makes beds for them, cooks for them and together they play games & music while they wait out the storm.

Two sweet lessons stem from this story:

  1. We can embrace and love those we perceive to be strange. Everyone is valuable and special.
  2. To my kindred introverted souls: we too can actually enjoy creating wonderful connections with people as we reach out to others.

Now the townsfolk were glad, just as pleased as could be, that funny Miss Twiggley lived in a tree. And Miss Twiggley found out something wonderful, too: When emergencies come, you don’t think about you. You help all you can. And you never ask why. Then the first thing you know, you forget to be shy.

Miss Twiggley’s Tree
Miss Twiggley's Tree

This book is so loveable. It reads like a Dr. Seuss book with regards to the rhyme scheme. And the illustrations are very charming and unique. My own book is actually from my childhood and has been taped back together multiple times. It even has melted crayon on it from 30+ years ago. I read it with my mom dozens of times and now it makes me so happy to read it with my own kids. Nothing shows love more than a taped up book from the 1980s.

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