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Mornings get busy. There are always a million things to do and, like, five minutes to do them. On days like this, making our bed feels like the last thing that needs our attention. But, did you know that making your bed can help you feel like you’re ready to face the day? By making your bed first thing, you’ve already successfully accomplished your first task of the day. This small success makes other successes that much easier.  Even better, each time you walk into your room, a nicely made bed greets you, which also makes you feel good.

Turning making the bed into a habit

Like any habit, deciding that you are going to do something that you aren’t used to will feel annoying at first. Don’t let that stop you. You felt the same way about brushing your teeth when you were a kid and you survived. This is no different.


Start by deciding when the best time is to make your bed. Ideally, it should be right as you get out of it, but that’s not always an option, possibly because a spouse is still in it. Maybe instead you make it right after you finish your breakfast. The key here is consistency. Challenge yourself to make sure your bed is made every day for 30 days in a row and see if it helps you feel more in control of your life. It takes at least 30 days to build a habit, and this is a great habit to have.

How my bedmaking habit was learned by example

Growing up, my bedroom was directly across the hall from my parents’ room. Part of my mom’s morning habit was to make her bed first thing, and she taught me to make mine as well. She had built the habit of always making her bed ages before I came along, and it was a natural part of her routine. Back then, her teaching me was also because it made her crazy to see my messy bed all day, but that lesson has stayed with me and I still make my bed every day without fail. It’s a habit that’s become so ingrained, that I feel off on the rare days when I can’t. 

Discussion: Do you make your bed? Do you make your kids make their beds?


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