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Hello strong moms! I hope those of you who are new this year to homeschooling are doing well. Often this is the tough time of year. I’m not sure why that is, but it often feels like after the holidays it can be a little rough. 

I want you homeschoolers, old and new, to do a little exercise. Make a list of the benefits you are experiencing from homeschooling. All of them. Things both related to traditional school, and everything else. Things like “my oldest son has a relationship with his younger siblings that he wouldn’t have if he were away at school all day.” Or “My children are learning to cook their own meals.” Or even “We have the best dance parties together and the kids really have fun.” Anything you see value in, write it down. 

benefits of homeschooling

Keep that list somewhere you can see it and add to it as new things come up. I want you to focus on those amazing things. If there’s something missing that you wanted to experience because of homeschooling, start working on that. But still, look at all that is good. You may be surprised at what this does for you and your child(ren). Get your students involved as well, have them make their own list, and discuss your lists together. What they are enjoying and the value they see may be different from what you are experiencing. 

Homeschooling is not for the faint of heart.

It’s challenging sometimes, it can just be plain terrible some days, but I find that if we focus on the good that is happening it can really diminish the negatives. It will help you feel more confident as the teacher and your child(ren) will be more appreciative of this time together.

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