By Becky Kemp

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How do I love my tribe?  Do I even have a tribe?  These are a few questions I used to ask myself over and over.  I was so focused on the difference in me and others that I forgot to realize the things we did have in common.

Comparison leads to despair—so if all we do is compare ourselves to others–we will always lose.  I have learned this many times in my life.  When I was a little girl, I grew up with my best friend next door!  This was great yet we both had the same first name, Rebecca.  We were in the same grade, were both the second oldest in our family and both our parents had decided to call us Becky for our nick name.  

love your tribe

Even at this young age—the compare and despair started.  I believe it has to do with the negative bias that we all experience at times.  I began to focus on all the good Becky had to offer the world and compare her best to my worst!   And guess what, I always lost.  

The reason why is because we were not meant to be the same—we are each divine creations of God and have our own unique fingerprint to put on the world.

…we are each divine creations of God and have our own unique fingerprint to put on the world.

As we played together our parents needed to find a way to differentiate us.  I was given a middle name of Jane…and my friend Becky had no middle name.  So without my agreeing to this, I started to be called Becky Jane and she continued to be Becky.

Instead of embracing this difference—and loving who I was—I just sat and wished I was the one without a middle name.  I just build a resentment of why me!  “Why do I have to have the middle name?” I would think.  

Over time–I continually fell into this trap of compare and despair!   As I began to discover that the power to live a joyful life is within me and has nothing to do with others—it has changed everything.  

love your tribe

It is our thoughts about the circumstances we live that drive how we feel.  So to love my tribe—I had to first decide to love me and then look for other like minded people that had similar desires.    

How I have decided I can love my tribe is to link arms with others who have things in common with me, yet accept that we will still see things differently along the way.  I focus on the good and let go of the differences.  I also have found that my tribe doesn’t just mean my family.  I have a tribe of people in my life for different interests.  I am a part of the National Speakers Association–a tribe of people who are trying to share a message in their heart out into the world.   I am a part of a clogging group, a tribe of “older” women who still want to dance and enjoy meeting weekly to learn and practice.  

What tribe do you want to be a part of? It is out there and as you look–you will discover it.  I invite you to try something you have always wanted to do.  Show up and see if it is a fit.  Focus on what you have in common–not the differences.

Today, I embrace being Becky Jane—that is me!  As I have discovered the power of celebration, connection and creation with words—I decided to host my first women’s retreat, The Gathering Retreat.  In the podcast, Love Your Tribe–I tell you more about it.  I would love you to check it out on The Word Effect podcast by Becky Jane Kemp!  Please check it out!  

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love your tribe
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Let’s love our tribe—and expand and experience the life we were meant to live! Time to ditch comparison and put on love for who we were sent here to become!


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