By Becky Kemp

How often do we live our lives with a plan in mind only to discover it unfolds differently? For me this happens all the time. These simple words, “living life on life’s terms” have really helped me find acceptance with the truth that there is little I have control of in life.

All of us experience things in life that don’t go as we planned. This is exactly what living life on life’s terms means. Life not unfolding how we thought, hoped for or anticipated, this is the life experience.

When we begin to discover the power within each of us–we all of a sudden take back the power to walk through each day without living in fear. This can be done with the power of words.

“Accept—then act! Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it. This will miraculously transform your whole life.” –Eckhart Tolle

As I coach women on this concept–it reminds me that our circumstances in life just happen. They are just facts that unfold. Most of the drama created is within our thoughts of what we think about the facts of our life—this is the resistance. It is easy to let our thoughts go unchecked, like thinking “this is not supposed to happen,” or “I wasn’t planning on this.” Even though these thoughts seem useful—they just cause us to get stuck and live in anxiety, overwhelm, and regret.

The truth is—however life unfolds is exactly how it was going to unfold all along. How do we know this? Because it is how it has unfolded—we just weren’t aware of it until it happened. I share this today because this is the mind management concept that I have been working on this week too!

Living Life on Life’s Terms

This is what I thought—On Monday, Sept. 14th I was anxiously awaiting the news that I had become a certified life coach through the Life Coach School! I had been working on this for 6 months and I was excited to wake up to this good news! I also had a busy week with a full calendar of goals I had set for myself. I had commitments, places to be and all the things us busy moms have.

This is what Monday, Sept. 14th was—Yes, I did receive notification that I was a certified coach!! But late Sunday evening, I started running a fever, had aches and pains, and was experiencing several COVID related symptoms! What? This is not supposed to be happening right now. (As if there is a good time to be sick!) So, Monday, I found myself in line to get COVID tested and then quarantined to my room for the rest of the day—sick and waiting for the results.

I am powerless over the symptoms I am having or the testing—but I do have control of my thoughts…if I choose to work on them. Last time I wrote here, I shared about not asking “why” but the importance of asking “HOW” as we navigate life. I still had to remind myself of this concept because I am human.

On Monday morning I started asking—why? As soon as I did—the anxiety and overwhelm grew. I quickly reminded myself that this word doesn’t serve me—and I moved into acceptance with asking “How do I manage?”. As soon as I changed my words-the anxiety decreased and the resistance loosened, and things seemed to be okay despite the unknown.

Wednesday morning—the result came back positive! I do in fact have COVID—and am now quarantined to my room for 2 weeks and hoping the rest of the family stays healthy. Wow, how my day didn’t go how I thought! But I am okay! The only reason I am okay is because I put the power of words to work—yet again! And it works every single time. I will get better! This is okay. Today I continue to ask “How” do I show up—and this allows me to live life on life’s terms.

I invite you to put these words in your story and see how the power within will grow as you do.

Words Matter, Create the life you want with the power of words.

Xo, Becky

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